The concept


Huddle Travelers is a trustful community where travelers and expatriates can find useful info, tips and inspiration for traveling off the beaten track and meet trustful people from all over the world!

Organizing a trip so that it goes off the beaten track and out of usual places, leaving for the weekend or as part of an expatriation is always much easier when we can get advice from good friends who are living there – or used to live there – and who can give you tips that will help you to really “get to know” the country, who can advise you on prices, the must-sees or can even host you. To see the world, a guidebook is useful, but friends’ advice is essential!

But not everyone has a network of friends living around the world who can advise us. This is what the project is about, establishing this network: an international community of trustful expatriates and travelers, on friends’ invitation only.

Join the Huddle family!

Huddle Travelers is a trustful community, so you need to be sponsored. Pre-register here and we will find Huddle members among your contacts!


The blog ‘open to everyone’

Huddle is also the desire to make awareness and experiences of the world more accessible, to offer a more in-depth look on that latter; to go behind the scene and sharing different usual clichés: this is the webzine, “Huddle-Travelers Blog”. 15 Huddle members contribute to the Huddle Blog by sharing travel tips and/or reflections on a trip or expatriation.

The blog editorial line

The blog prioritizes quality over quantity by giving to see, to discover, to surprise, to understand among the multitude of mediums that exist to share one’s experience of travel or life abroad: through reports, stories, photos, sounds, videos, readings, recipes, points of views, quotes from authors, music, humor, illustrations, etc.

Video of the official launch of the blog Huddle Travelers – October 2015!