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18 February 2016 - No Comments

You are soon going on a trip in a country you don’t know well or you don’t know at all. Rather than going on a tour package, you prefer to organize it yourself. Besides all the info you can get from a guide book or diverse travel blogs, you are looking for among your friend and family circles people who live or know well the country you are planning to visit, so that they can give you precious information you cannot find in books. Not that easy, right?

How can you get indeed the contact of an expatriate or a travel knowing well the country or city you are visiting, who would facilitate the preparation of your trip and help you to have a unique experience, who would help you to be sure not to miss out on any of the country’s features, and even get you to meet people living there?

This is exactly what the trustful community Huddle Travelers can offer: Traveling off the beaten track thanks to true advice of trustful members; meeting locals and expatriates who will help you to “feel” and understand better the country or city you are visiting. Join us!  

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