Oldonyo Lengai – An ascent

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5 March 2017 - No Comments

Lengai has something special. The God-mountain of Maasai people. You approach it with excitement and humility. You leave it with respect and emotion.

Lengai is a sleepy giant. Quite calm those days, but you never know …

You don’t go there as for a simple Sunday walk. This is an ascent. A real one. Climbing technique is not an issue. The challenge is somewhere else. Steep sandy slope. A run in the cold night, before the day heat.

We decided this time to start early, 7 p.m. with food and sleeping bags in our back-backs, and a strong wish of spending more time on its flank. Hearing it breathe, smelling its breath.

After a good night in the only place where 6 people can sleep on this slope, we reached the top at 6:30 a.m. Second time for me. I expected to be greeted like two years ago, on the sound of volcano explosions, but only smoke was remaining. Still this amazing atmosphere of the Earth’s birth. As if you were there!

This time we went higher. Above the crater edge you can reach the real summit. And there you understand it really worth it. Seeing the crater from above, and the 360 degrees panorama. Just marvelous. You would like to stay there. Far from everything. Like on the moon. Only your friends remind you life on Earth is not only rock, ashes and wind.

Then comes the time to look down, hit the slope. Long long way. We left the edge of the crater late, and reached the car late. In the heat. Such a heat. But with a big smile on our tanned faces.

Need to come back again one day!


July 2016.


If you need more information about the ascent, click HERE.

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