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Christmas is getting close, therefore Huddle Travelers organizes a contest to offer you an advent calendar to make the wait a little bit more fun! As you probably already know, the Huddle team is based in Africa and on this occasion we wanted to spotlight African products and especially great initiatives such as this social enterprise: SEW, empowering and supporting HIV-positive Tanzanian women. Those 24 bags are made from shweshwe – a South-african fabric that we have brought back from our last trip in South-Africa (remember!);) – and made by Happy from SEW organization.



For the anecdote, the shweshwe is traditionally an indigo-coloured fabric. This cotton cloth, of geometric designs, was introduced in South Africa in the 19th century by French missionaries. The name of this fabric is derived from the name of Moshoeshoe I, Lesotho’s King, to whom the fabric was offered by those French missionaries. This perennially fashionable fabric is used to make dresses, skirts, scarfs… The Huddle team wanted then to customize it by making an advent calendar to make you know in the meanwhile this beautiful fabric found on a trip! (For those who know me a little, you know that I love stopping by a fabric merchant when I’m visiting a city…with sometimes great discoveries!)



SEW (Supporting + Empowering Women) is a social enterprise that employs HIV+ women in Arusha, Tanzania. Their sewing mamas produce bags and other ethical products from recycled materials.

SEW seeks to end the stigma associated with HIV by demonstrating that HIV+ women are resilient, industrious and capable.

For further information, to meet them and/or to buy their products, click HERE

THE ADVENT CALENDAR – special Huddle contest Nov. 2015 – WAS MADE BY HAPPY W.


Happy was born in 1976 in Arusha and was married in 1996. She has 3 sons and lived with her husband until 2004. She is a widow. “He was getting sick and I started to get sick too. That was when I went to get tested for HIV. At the end of 2004 I found out I had HIV. I told my husband but he did not believe me. We got divorced because of that. From there I lived with my children and I was working at my church but they only paid me a small amount a month. Then I joined SEW to sew bags in 2009 and this work has helped me because I am able to provide everything for my children and pay the house rent and also buy things for myself. SEW has helped me a lot.” She’s helped by her community and her health is doing well.

Happy had great pleasure learning how to sew another product by making together this advent calendar, and me too!! We are know working on another design, slightly different, so that Happy and her colleagues can sell it via SEW.



 To participate, it’s quite simple, 2 options:

I. If you have a Facebook account: 

LIKE of Huddle Travelers Facebook page + COMMENT & SHARE of the post = drawing lots to win those nice 24 bags to fill with chocolates, sweet messages…to make the wait a little bit more fun until Christmas!

(Don’t hesitate to mention your friends in the comments!;))

II. If you are already a member of Huddle-Travelers:

INVITE 3 friends on by Saturday 28/11/2015!

The name of the winner will be drawn on Saturday November 28, 2015 at 2 pm (Tanzanian time)! Good luck! (This contest is not managed nor sponsored by Facebook neither SEW) 

If you choose both options, you are perfect!:)


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