2 Day bike ride around Mt. Meru – Tanzania

Mt. Meru - Tanzania
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7 November 2015 - 2 Comments

Mount Meru is the sleepy giant that used to be even higher than the famous Kilimanjaro, before it exploded some (long) time ago, giving birth to the most fertile plains of the region: the Serengeti. As an attractive mountain, most of the people (including me) climb it. It’s worth it, as it takes less days (only 3-4 days) to climb than Kilimanjaro (but steeper). But this was not the idea of this August 2015 trip: mountain biking around it was for us the next idea. It seemed to be feasible within two days, and we must say now, it is indeed! A must-do for the ones looking for off the beaten track experiences!

Sweat, dust and rocks … and lots lots of fun!

I won’t turn this into an incredible exploring adventure story, because the notion of adventure is very relative… I would just say it was a great moment to enjoy with friends. And another way to enjoy the different faces of the Mount! A must for bicyclers and others willing to discover Tanzania another way.

Just some short advice:

  • Little notions of kiswahili you will need
  • Dust you will love and eat!
  • Lots lots lots of water you will need (but also find on the way in the many local shops)
  • Meru multiple landscape you will discover (from Banana/coffee farms to dry Massai land)
  • Fixing puncher and chain break you will (or might) get experience in
  • Local hospitality you might taste (if you have time…)
  • The following map (or a good memory) you will need
  • A wonderful night at Mkuru eco-camp you will spend!

And a few pictures

The route

Route: here following is our route, but this can be adapted according to the time and effort you are ready to spend!:

  • Day 1 (85 Km): Arusha – Usa River via Old Moshi Road (20.9 Km) ; Usa River- Kikatiti via Highway (10.4 Km); Kikatiti – Kingori (15.7 Km); Kingori – Leguruki (7 Km); Leguruki – Ngare Nanyuki (14.6 Km); Ngare Nanyuki – Mkuru camp (16.5 Km)
  • Day 2 (51 Km): Mkuru Camp – Tarmac junction (Road to Nairobi: 12.6 Km); Junction – Oldonyo Sambu (7 Km); Oldony Sambu – Arusha (31.6 Km).

More practically

  • If you don’t have a bike, you can rent it to ABC (in Arusha) and Rivertrees (Usa River)
  • Accommodation: we slept at Mkuru Training camp (http://www.mkurutrainingcamp.org/), but other accommodations are available on the way (in Kingori: CKC guest house, or Leguruki: Momela Cultural Tourism)

This trip was a great moment, shared with Florence, Pauline and Ronan


  1. Hey there! Thanks for sharing! I’m really excited about this idea! How much elevation gain and loss is there you think? And would you recommend doing this alone?
    Best, Amber

    1. Dear Amber, happy to hear you find it useful! It is a bit hard to say how much elevation there is as there are very numerous ups and downs!! Let’s say around 400-500 m up/down (but never very long). Doing it on your own only if you are well equipped with spares and tools to fix puncher, chain break, etc. All of this depends on your level. I would recommend not to do it on your own as nice to share so much fun, and less risky also. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information.

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